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Lexi & Mike got married on the most beautiful day! Their theme and feel was very elegant and classic! With a gorgeous ball gown Ale was glowing and had the most perfect day alongside her handsome and kind husband Mike. The day was carefully planned by the groom’s mom Res and everything was perfection!

These was one of the most personable and beautiful weddings at the Holy Cross College I even been too. The reception was held at the beautiful ballroom at the Beechwood Hotel in Worcester MA. Both families are wonderful caring people and it was my honor to be their wedding photographer. Congratulations Ale and Mike! All the best to you two!Bridal Gown hanging before the bride gets dressed Weddings- Holy-Cross-College-AM-4 Wedding invitation for a wedding at the Holy Cross College in Worcester detail of a bride's shoeBride getting ready at Beechwood Hotel, Ceremony at St. Joseph Chapel at Holy Cross Bride writing a note to her future husband, before she got ready at a Beechwood Hotel bridal suite.Mom and bride holding hands during a sweet moment during getting ready at the Beechwood Hotel Fun moment between the bride and bridesmaids at the Beechwood Hotel, ceremony at Holy Cross Bride and bridesmaids getting ready for a wedding at Holy Cross College Weddings- Holy-Cross-College-AM-11 Weddings Holy Cross College, bride and her mother putting the veil on before her wedding at the Holy Cross in Worcester MA Bridal preparations at the Beechwood Hotel in Worcester MA Bride looking at her gorgeous bouquet by florist Jeff French Weddings- Holy-Cross-College-AM-14 Weddings- Holy-Cross-College-AM-24 Weddings- Holy-Cross-College-AM-23 Weddings- Holy-Cross-College-AM-22 Weddings- Holy-Cross-College-AM-21 Weddings- Holy-Cross-College-AM-20 Weddings- Holy-Cross-College-AM-19 Weddings- Holy-Cross-College-AM-18 Weddings- Holy-Cross-College-AM-17 Classic wedding portrait of a bride, wedding at the Holy Cross College in Worcester MA Weddings- Holy-Cross-College-AM-15Weddings- Holy-Cross-College-AM-25 Weddings- Holy-Cross-College-AM-26Weddings- Holy-Cross-College-AM-27 Weddings- Holy-Cross-College-AM-55 Bride and groom at Weddings Holy Cross College Weddings Holy Cross College bridal portraits
Weddings- Holy-Cross-College-AM-51
Weddings- Holy-Cross-College-AM-49 Weddings- Holy-Cross-College-AM-48 Weddings- Holy-Cross-College-AM-47 Weddings- Holy-Cross-College-AM-46 Weddings- Holy-Cross-College-AM-45 Bridal party fun photograph at a holy cross wedding in Worcester MA Pictures of bridal party at Weddings Holy Cross College Pictures of bridal party at Weddings Holy Cross College Pictures of bridal party at Weddings Holy Cross College Pictures of bridal party at Weddings Holy Cross College

Weddings- Holy-Cross-College-AM-28Weddings- Holy-Cross-College-AM-29Bride and dad walking down the aisle at a Weddings Holy Cross CollegeWeddings Holy Cross College candid moment with the priestWeddings Holy Cross College, St. Joseph Chapel, view from the back balconyWeddings at Holy Cross College, St. Joseph Chapel, moment of bride and groom saying their vowsWeddings- Holy-Cross-College-AM-35candid moment during a priest speech at a wedding at St. Joseph's Chapel at Holy CrossBride and Groom exchange their nuptial rings at Holy CrossWeddings Holy Cross College, St. Joseph Chapel, Parents blessing special momentWeddings- Holy-Cross-College-AM-39
reception decoration at Beechwood Hotel Weddings- Holy-Cross-College-AM-59 Weddings- Holy-Cross-College-AM-60 Weddings- Holy-Cross-College-AM-61 Weddings- Holy-Cross-College-AM-62Weddings- Holy-Cross-College-AM-63Weddings- Holy-Cross-College-AM-64Weddings- Holy-Cross-College-AM-65Weddings- Holy-Cross-College-AM-66Weddings- Holy-Cross-College-AM-67Weddings- Holy-Cross-College-AM-68Weddings- Holy-Cross-College-AM-69Weddings- Holy-Cross-College-AM-70Weddings- Holy-Cross-College-AM-71Weddings- Holy-Cross-College-AM-72Weddings- Holy-Cross-College-AM-73Weddings- Holy-Cross-College-AM-74


If you are planning a wedding ceremony at the St. Joseph’s Chapel at the Holy Cross College and a reception celebration at the Beechwood Hotel you can contact us for your photography needs!