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Wedding timeline planning comes with years of experience. I have been a wedding photographer since 2005, so I have been thru every scenario that you can possibly think in a wedding day. Even photographed a wedding reception without electricity after a Icestorm, crazy right!? At almost every wedding things happen and it can go off the schedule, so its very important to have a great plan for the day. Even when these unwanted things happen we can adjust to fulfill everything that needs to be captured. The wedding day timeline normally starts when you set the ceremony time, that is a fixed time and everything else will revolve around that. Planning the perfect wedding timeline for photos is the key to succeed in getting the wedding pictures that you dream of. By being a professional wedding photographer for over a decade, I accumulated lost of experience and I learned, some of it the hardest way, how to plan a great wedding timeline for your wedding. All The Imagery Studio brides receive a complimentary wedding timeline planning meeting, where we will share tips and ideas of how you day can flow smoothly with you and your guests having a pleasant time while getting your wedding photos done. So don’t worry! We will help you on crafting the perfect plan for your specific needs. You will receive a copy of your Wedding Timeline Plan to share with any of the important players.

Bride Getting Ready

Groom Getting Ready

Things to consider while choosing to a First Look or Keep it Traditional


First Look Timeline

Traditional Timeline

Family and Bridal Party Portraits

Bride and Groom Portraits



After the Wedding Session


We invite you to read thru this large body of information for Planning the perfect Wedding Timeline. Nothing beats having a great plan and being organized for your wedding photographs.