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Sara + Christopher - Beechwood Hotel Wedding

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This couple was unbelievably gorgeous inside and out. The had the most amazing day and I’m so truly honored to have captured it for them… Here is the story of the is engagement on Sara’s Words:

“Christopher and I got engaged over Labor Day weekend 2013.

We had planned one last weekend at the Cape before summer was over. I was under the impression that it was just another weekend getaway, our plan was to head down and try to beat the traffic, hang out for a little and then grab dinner at a nicer restaurant before meeting up with friends. I should have known something was different by how fidgety Chris was being. He must have checked the weather a thousand times on the ride there.
We arrived at his parents house and decided to head to a nearby beach to watch the sunset. So we grabbed some blankets and drinks and hit the beach. We were there enjoying the sunset and soaking up the last of our summer when he coerced me to the edge of the water. After a few moments, he got down on one knee and popped the question! I had no idea it was even coming and I of course, said yes right away. It was perfect.

He then whisked me away to a fancy dinner (he had already made a reservation – that sneaky boy), where we toasted to our love and our future.”


Congratulations Sara and Chris! All the best to you both!Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0001 Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0002 Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0003 Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0004 Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0005 Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0006 Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0007 Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0008 Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0009 Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0010 Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0011 Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0012 Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0013 Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0014 Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0015 Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0016 Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0017 Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0018 Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0019 Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0020 Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0021 Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0022 Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0023 Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0024 Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0025 Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0026 Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0027 Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0028 Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0029 Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0030 Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0031 Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0032 Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0033 Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0034 Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0035 Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0036 Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0037 Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0038 Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0039 Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0040 Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0041 Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0042 Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0043 Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0044 Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0045 Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0046 Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0047 Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0048 Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0049 Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0050 Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0051 Beechwood_Hotel_Wedding_0052