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Rustic Wedding Venue in MA - Red Apple Farm - David & Erin

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Congratulations David and Erin! I’m sure you guys will have great fun and I wish you both a long happy journey together. They had a very intimate ceremony at this country gorgeous Rustic Wedding Venue in MA apple orchard Red Apple Farm in MA. It was intimate, fun and just like Erin and David, informal but beautiful.

Here is how Erin and David met with Erin telling the story: “We both met when we weren’t looking. My friend and I walked into a pub for girls night. I ended up sitting next to a guy eating alone at the end of the bar, this happened to be David. About a twenty minutes into our stay, I turn towards David and apologize for my friends being loud. He says he can’t hear & laughs. I discover how cute he is and make my move. You only live once. 🙂 I end up finding a funny drink name on the chalk board across from us and strike up a conversation with him regarding it. We end up talking for an hour or so. My friends tell us they are leaving to watch a live band and go dancing. I feel stuck. Part of me wants to go, part of me wants to stay with the new cute guy. I ask him if he’d like to go & he accepts. We end up talking more at the new location, shared a lot of laughs, a dance and even a kiss. At the end of the night we say our good byes and drive away. I realize we never exchanged numbers. I log onto Facebook once I get home to discover he found me on there & left his cell number. We’ve been together ever since. :)”

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The Red Apple Farm is a beautiful Rustic wedding Venue in MA. Located in Phillipston MA, this unusual wedding venueoffers gorgeous grounds and fields and also a Barn for the wedding reception. It is a very casual and charming setting and certainly offers amazing spots for photos. It is worth checking out their site if you are looking for a Rustic Barn wedding venue in Ma.

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