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Publick House Wedding Sturbridge MA

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I get to be so blessed to work with the most wonderful, kind and sincere people. These 2 has got to be the 2 nicest people and in love with each other. Maybe love took a bit longer for them to find but weren’t they so blessed in finding each other. I love the honesty of they love in front of the camera. The moments are so intense that it was hard to contain in the camera… I loved being your photographer at a Publick House wedding Sturbridge MA and I wish you both a wonderful life together. I’m quite sure you will have a lot of fun together.

Here is how the proposal happened told by Mary Ellen: “He texted me that he had had a horrible day and could we go out to dinner when I got home. I agreed, as he knew I would. I told him to pick the place and he chose the restaurant where we had our first date. We sat in the same booth. He seemed oddly nervous and he even had a cocktail, which he never had done before. He dropped his napkin as an excuse to get down on one knee. I almost beat him to the napkin and as I looked up, he was on 1 knee. The servers and nearby patrons all froze until I got past smiling and nodding to an audible “YES!!”


Publick-House-Wedding-Photographer-1 Publick-House-Wedding-Photographer-2 Publick-House-Wedding-Photographer-3 Publick-House-Wedding-Photographer-4 Publick-House-Wedding-Photographer-5 Publick-House-Wedding-Photographer-6 Publick-House-Wedding-Photographer-7 Publick-House-Wedding-Photographer-8 Publick-House-Wedding-Photographer-9 Publick-House-Wedding-Photographer-10 Publick-House-Wedding-Photographer-11 Publick-House-Wedding-Photographer-12 Publick-House-Wedding-Photographer-13 Publick-House-Wedding-Photographer-14 Publick-House-Wedding-Photographer-15 Publick-House-Wedding-Photographer-16 Publick-House-Wedding-Photographer-17 Publick-House-Wedding-Photographer-18 Publick House wedding Sturbridge MA, wedding photography documentary Publick-House-Wedding-Photographer-20 Emotional documentary wedding photography Publick-House-Wedding-Photographer-22 special emotional moment of documentary wedding photography in New England Massachusetts wedding photographer Alice Pepplow bride during ceremony at Publick House wedding Sturbridge MA Publick-House-Wedding-Photographer-25 Publick-House-Wedding-Photographer-26 Publick-House-Wedding-Photographer-27 Publick-House-Wedding-Photographer-28 lovely bride and groom celebration after wedding ceremony, Publick House by Massachusetts wedding photographer Publick-House-Wedding-Photographer-30 Mother and son at wedding day, emotional huge Publick-House-Wedding-Photographer-32 Publick-House-Wedding-Photographer-33 Publick-House-Wedding-Photographer-34 Publick-House-Wedding-Photographer-35 Publick-House-Wedding-Photographer-36 Publick-House-Wedding-Photographer-37 Publick House wedding Sturbridge MA at the old front Barn wedding photographer in Ma, Publick House wedding Sturbridge MA Publick-House-Wedding-Photographer-40 Publick-House-Wedding-Photographer-41 Publick-House-Wedding-Photographer-42 Paige Hall Publick House wedding Sturbridge MA Lovely wedding couple at Sturbridge MA, Public House First dance at a Publick House wedding Sturbridge MA Publick-House-Wedding-Photographer-46 Dramatic lighting at a barn wedding in MA, Publick House wedding Sturbridge MA Publick House wedding Sturbridge MA, intimate and romantic wedding Publick-House-Wedding-Photographer-49 Publick-House-Wedding-Photographer-50 Publick-House-Wedding-Photographer-51 Older bride and groom at Publick House wedding Sturbridge MA Publick-House-Wedding-Photographer-53 Publick-House-Wedding-Photographer-54 Publick House wedding Sturbridge MA, bride and groom walking along a roll of trees during a fall wedding Publick House wedding Sturbridge MA, walking along the stone wall Publick House wedding Sturbridge MA Wedding rings close up on a fall pumpkin for a fall wedding ring close up photo


Reception : Publick House 

Ceremony Officiant : Michal Backer  

Stationary/ Invitation : Shutterfly

Florist : Town and Country

Cake : supplied by Publick House

Dj/ Band : Champagne Toasts

Hair and Makeup Stylist : Rachel Curran

Bridal Gown Boutique : David’s Bridal 

Weddings Rings: Sears, engagement ring belonged to mother of the bride

Wedding Photographers : Alice Pepplow, The Imagery Studio

Their wedding vendors did an amazing job and being a wedding photographer at Publick House wedding Sturbridge MA is one of my favorite things. If you are planning a wedding at the Publick House we would love to be your photographer. Please contact us for a quote