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Jennifer and Cole was one of the sweetest and most romantic couples I have even photographed. Their love is so beautiful! Here is how they met told by Cole:

“We met after a Red Sox game in the Fenway area. I had one of my close college friends (Chris) visiting in town and Jen was at a birthday party with one of her close friends (Veronica) at Kings. I saw Jen at her table and rallied Chris to help me crash their party. After Jen and I exchanged pleasantries, Chris got nervous and tried to pull us away- I stopped him dead in his tracks and told him “have you seen this woman, there’s no way we are leaving here without her.”
The four of us broke away from the main crowd, listened to bad karaoke, and strolled along the back bay. Only a few short weeks after the Boston bombing the crowds had been driven out and it felt like we had the whole street to ourself. We closed down the Globe and made our way outside to a much colder damp evening. Neither of us were dressed for the cold but I lent Jen my light jacket to keep her warm, even though I had nothing more than a t-shirt underneath. Jen and I walked alongside one another separate from Chris and Veronica. I asked if I could walk her to her car and that I hoped to see her again.”

And how the proposal happened: “I flew Jen out to Arizona for a week long “ski-trip” over the New Years Holiday. Unknowingly to me she had bought a dress for a New Year’s Eve night out but I did such a good job selling the “ski trip” that I inadvertently convinced her to unpack her dresses and instead replace them with ski clothes.
When she got to arizona I took her on a four day trip from southern to northern arizona. We took a day trip up Mnt Lemmon, stayed in a mining camp Ghost Town, toured my old university, and finally ended our voyage in Sedona. I had booked a nights stay at a private resort style loft on the edge of the red rocks over looking the sedona valley.
While we were laying out on our private deck waiting for our ride to take us down to the resorts pool, I told Jen I had to get something from inside and I turned the song “Ride With Me” by Zane Williams on repeat mode. I called her into the room, she suspiciously entered. I had arranged two chairs at the foot of the bed and asked Jen to join me. I presented her with a photo book that told the story of our relationship. The book had lyrics to the song I was playing at the bottom of each page so Jen kept pace with the music as she turned the pages. When the song ended she closed the back cover and read the words “take my hand, say I do, I wanna go down this road with you”. I told her I only had one more question, I got down on my knee and asked her if she’d marry me. She instantly reached for me, through tears of joy uttered a “uh huh” and forgot to even look at her ring… At first, she spent the rest of the evening waving it in my face. When she asked why I told her to put on her (1950’s pin-up) bathing suit with a built in squirt on, I said because it was the closets thing to a dress that she brought. We laughed that even I was not in my standard jeans and cowboy boots.”

Congratulations Jennifer and Cole! I’m sure you will live a love story together. We are very proud and honored to have worked as your wedding photographers.


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