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How to save money on wedding reception decor

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So many things to plan and spend your hard earned money for your wedding… you might get a couple tips on How to save money on wedding reception decor below:

After you say your vows and kiss your lovey you are off walking down the aisle to arm and arm with your spouse to celebrate with your favorite people. The wedding reception starts off with a cocktail hour and this can set the tone to the reception itself where you will host dinner and dancing. So if you are in a budget you might consider spending less on the cocktail hour space where your guess will only spend about 1 hour. Having a table with a guest book decorated with pictures of you and/ or family can save you in flowers still keeping some interesting and personal touches.

BONUS TIP: how about if you display both of your mom’s wedding dresses in a dress form. Its a great way to honor their story and incorporate a conversation piece, you could also include dad’s by incorporating dad’s watch or any special jewelry in an acrylic box and some description of the item or of their day. Parents will beam of pride 🙂

Can you see how you already save some money on decor and making your cocktail hour very special and personalized?

Now onto how to save money on wedding reception decor:

The reception decor can become really expensive, you want this space to look beautiful, cozy and to be remembered (for good reasons)

Lets look at what decor really entails:

Touch, sight ,smell, taste, hearing comes into play, if you can make all 5 senses happy you are probably in the right track to create a good memorable experiences for your guests… and you yes! you should thrive on to having your guests remember your wedding in a great way… always giving you a warm feeling when they reference back to your wedding day for good memories:

Hitting all 5 senses will help you create a nice ambiance which some people will not even know how to describe it, but will sumerize as “what a gorgeous wedding”. On this article I’ll be addressing touch and sight, smell , taste and hearing will come from the music, entertainment that you will plan, food and drinks, etc

The touch and sight: A huge part of the sigh is the architectural, your venue, if you are able to hire a venue that offer very interesting architectural features, you will save on other decor since the venue itself is already part of “sight satisfaction” and creating a wow factor. Tall or vaulted ceilings, beams, big windows, a view etc can be a huge factor. But what about if the venue you want is too expensive or unavailable?

You still can create the ambiance with other things, keep in mind that since your venue will be more simple you will have to make the areas around your guest more pleasing, tables for instance. Here are a few to consider: Tables can be rented in different in varied shapes and sizes, for a warm cozy feeling, you should have a goal of keeping people and table settings every 2 feet apart.

Rectangle tables are awesome! My personal favorite, it can put a lot people define areas in a room… it can create the “family table” where people will be closer to who is sitting next to them and also across them… its truly a family feeling., the areas to decorate will be more narrow so “saving there” with flowers, you can create flowers and candle sections saving a lot of money on arrangements.

The round tables can also be great, but choose the size wisely. Less bigger tables can make you spend more in flowers and also feel incomplete. I’d prefer more smaller tables but cozier, filled with smaller decor, leading to a more expensive look.

A large 10 people table will make the guests too far apart and also leave a huge space in the center of the table to be decorated, you will either spend a lot more money to fill the space or leave it somewhat off in the scale with smaller arrangement, no looking lush enough, it just doesn’t look right

If you still need to have the round 10 people table and can’t afford the huge centerpiece to fit proportionally the table, then I recommend that you make your centerpiece to be a big round shallow vase with floating flowers and floating candles. Also add your wedding favors to each place setting, so there is another visually interesting element that fills the space as decor.

8 or 6 people round table are easier to fill and make look cozy and gorgeously decorated. The table settings themselves will fill in the space visually before you even think about centerpieces. Sometimes choosing smaller tables can offer you savings, since renting an extra table and linen can be cheaper than ordering large properly sized flower arrangements.

I didn’t want to give you a exact formula on “how to save money on wedding reception decor” because I don’t want for your wedding to be generic or the same of other bride’s wedding. My goal was to provide you the knoledge on how to think of all aspects and provide tools so you can come up with ideas that makes your decor very personalized and also tailor to your day. Send me a message if you think it helped you understand the process better.