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Groom Getting Ready

Groom getting ready is getting more and more popular nowadays. Having a second photographer in the coverage allows for both angles of the story to be told. While the girls get pampered and pretty, the groom have a great time with the groomsmen. Here is how the groom getting ready coverage goes:


The Details (between 15-30 minutes)

Our second photographer will be scheduled to start at the same time the main photographer starts with the bride. Typically, the photographer will spend 15-30 minutes photographing any particular detail that is related to the groom, depending on how elaborate the details are: the tuxedo or suit, the shoes, socks (very common to have argyle socks on the wedding colors or  some fun printed socks, the tie, the boutonnieres, a special watch, pocket watch, suspenders, engraved and personalized flasks, cufflinks, etc)

The details is a great way to customize the day for the groom. We had one groom honored his late mother with a custom made sunflower cufflink, it was her favorite flower. Also, a lot of groom’s enjoy gifting their groomsmen with a special something. A lot of times can be cufflinks, personalized flasks, watches, etc.

TIP 1: Make sure to let us know about the details planned for the groom as most guys won’t know the importance of photographing them and forget to provide the special items to us.

Groom Getting Ready (between 15-45 minutes)

You might be thinking: 45 minutes for a groom getting ready? that is a lot! This will vary on what type of photos you are looking for… some people like the shaving photos, so that has to be done way earlier which will extend the coverage a bit. Some people will prefer only photos of the final touch ups of the groom and groomsman getting ready. The guys putting ties together etc. That is very popular and as the guys are having a great time, sometimes having a drink and watching sports, playing cards etc.


Portraits of the Groom after Getting Ready (between 20-30 minutes)

The same way we do some portraits of the bride after a bride getting ready, we love to do some portraits of the groom. This is an amazing opportunity to tell the story from both angles and introduce the groom in the album. We normally don’t expend a lot of time with this. So no worries for the guys, it will not be a boring full photo session. We make it fun and quick.

Depending on what we have planned for your wedding timeline and if time allows we might photograph groom with best man & groomsman, groom with parents, etc

Also, if you are planning on exchanging a love note or a gift, this would be the perfect time to have him open it. we try to make it a private moment, away from the other guys… so he can enjoy it to the fullest.

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