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Ashley + Scott - The Harrington Farm Wedding Photography

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Reminiscing about the proposal on Ashley’s words: “Scott completely surprised me with the proposal. I had no clue it was coming and he secretly planned some of the legwork involved for months. He used one of my close friends as a ring spy to try to find out what kind of ring I wanted (I love unique jewelry so he knew it was going to be something out of the ordinary) Stacey, who is also one of my bridesmaids, took me on a tour of several local winerys and very casually asked me questions about Scott and I’s plans for possibly getting engaged, if we did what kind of ring, and all of this while I was in the middle of several wine tastings. I didn’t really suspect anything until the actual proposal when my dream ring made an appearance (gold band with turquoise and diamond inlay). He worked with a jewelry artist in New Mexico for several weeks to make it a reality. Scott also made a secret trip to ask my parents permission a few months before the proposal. I was visiting a friend in Boston for the weekend while he was doing all of this.

The proposal itself was very simple. He proposed in our living room right before we were about to leave for dinner. Down on one knee and used my full name (which I didn’t hear because I saw the ring and couldn’t believe he knew that I wanted something like that) We got to enjoy the moment and then eventually went on to eat dinner and call our families to share the news.”

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