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Meet Alice

I wouldn't expect you to open up to me and my camera without you knowing who I really am.

I was born and raised in Curitiba, the capital of Parana, south of Brazil. A bit cold and wet in the winter but still very lively and lush in the spring and summer. Truly a beautiful city. I’m the youngest of 4. My mom stayed home and my dad a very talented furniture maker. He passed away in a car accident when I had just turned 8 and my mom was 36 at the time.... Grant the 4 kids and my mom having no job, nor special skills... so life was very hard growing up, our household had little money but was rich with love. My mom is my biggest hero and inspiration for enduring so much and doing it all with a smile. That alone tough me so much. We are a very close family and I travel home to visit them every year, usually during the winter months and slow wedding season.

On my late 20s, I decided to travel, adventure, learn English… I didn’t speak any English at all… and even though I’m very fluent now, I sometimes make a few mistakes… so pardon me if you catch any, its not sloppiness, its just that English is my second language and I’m continuously learning.

When I look back to that initial idea, I’d never guess that I’d become a Massachusetts Wedding Photographer, but I see how courageous and very stupid I was… not that I regret it, not one bit…but I had no idea what I was getting myself into… it was suppose to be a 2 year thing and I’d go back home… well, that was November of 2002… its a long story and I don’t mind if you ask when we meet… but I ended up arriving in the US December of 2002 with only $200 in my pocket and a heart full of dreams mixed with fears and disappointments. Fast-forward 4 years, I started my photography business. Shy at first as a part time job, but curious, excited, willing to learn everything about photography. In 2008 I gave up my “real job” to be a full time wedding and portrait photographer and here is where I still am today. With a lot more knowledge, I’m no longer shy behind the camera, I’m very confident and happy about what I’m so blessed to do for a living. Now as a full-time wedding and portrait photographer based on central Massachusetts, I work as a Massachusetts wedding photographer locally and also as a destination wedding photographer traveling anywhere in the globe. I love learning about new cultures, traveling, eating pasta, cheese and sipping a good red wine. A perfect day off would be sleeping late or curling up on a couch with my sweet husband Carlos binge watching movies or spending time with my family.

As you can see I’m a very open book and I love to invite people in. I’m adventurous and I thrive on a fast paced environment. I’m a problem solver and love challenges. I’m also a romantic and wear my heart on my sleeve! So don’t be so surprise if you see me wiping away a tear during the touching moments of your wedding day.

If you made this far I want to thank you for reading about my personal life adventure. I believe we are in journey, you heard a bit of mine, I can’t wait to hear yours!

My name is Alice Pepplow. I’m a Boston Massachusetts wedding photographer that specialized in photographing portraits, boudoir and weddings but I really like to be called “a people photographer”.


Alice Pepplow, M. Photog., Cr. Photog., CPP, PPA Award Winning Photographer

1995 Design Degree from Vocational School CEFET (Centro Federal de Educação Tecnológica do Paraná)
1998 Bachelor of Fine Art from EMBAP (Escola de Música e Belas Artes do Paraná)
2005 Started as a professional photographer “Alice Pepplow Photography” later changed name to “The Imagery Studio”
2007 to Present – Member of PPAM (Professional Photographers Association of MA)
2007 to Present – Member of PPA (Professional Photographers of America)
2009 to Present – Won several Ribbon awards at image competition from PPAM and PPA
2014 – Silver Photographer of the Year PPA
2014 – Image selected for the the Loan Collection and Showcase Collection PPA
2014 – Highest score on the Image Competition category High School Seniors at PPAM
2015 – Certified Professional Photographer by PPA
2017 – Highest score on the Image Competition category Weddings at PPAM
2017 – Court of Honor Award on the category Weddings PPAM
2017 – Photographic Craftsman Degree PPA

2020 – Master Photography Degree PPA

I’m a Massachusetts Boston Wedding Photographer, located in Worcester Central Massachusetts, I’m available locally as a wedding photographer in Boston, Berkshires, Cape Cod, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Newport, Rhode Island, Vermont and for all further destinations.

Massachusetts wedding photographer, bride and groom on a hoard chair jewish dance

We hired Alice as a photographer for our engagement shoot, as well as our wedding. We are so incredibly pleased with how the photos came out and the professionalism of both Alice and her staff. Admittedly, we were not the easiest subjects to shoot because the groom had a broken leg! Alice used her creativity to make sure the photos looked fantastic and did not draw attention to the cast. In the end you cannot even see it! We cannot recommend Alice enough. She was fantastic!!


The first time we toured our wedding venue, they showed us a number of albums from other weddings held there. Looking through one of the albums, I turned to my sister and told her to write down the name of the photographer because that's who I wanted for our wedding. Alice's work was beautiful and I knew before I met her that I wouldn't regret my choice. After meeting her, I loved her even more. Alice and her team are amazing! They pay attention to every detail and gently coach you through every photo to get the perfect shot. Her work is elegant and creative and seems to capture the personality of each couple beautifully. We just got our album back a few weeks ago and have been having fun sharing it with family and friends over the holidays. Everyone is so impressed with the quality of her work. There are some unique and beautiful shots along with the classic family photos and her attention to detail ties it altogether so well. We are so happy that we chose Imagery Studio and Alice to capture our special day!


Let me just start off by saying that Alice is AMAZING. She is an amazing photographer as well as an amazing person. For my wedding I was adamant that I needed a photographer that would make my photos look like magic, I needed someone who was going to be able to capture the goofy, dorky personality me and my husband share, I wanted us to look extraordinary compared to our everyday lives. She delivered better than I could have expected. Who knew two regular simple people could look so incredible! I attribute that to her skill, her ability to make me and my husband feel comfortable, her great directions at making us feel natural and in our element. I could gush on and on about how wonderful she is, but I think it's best you see for yourselves. Hire her because you won't find anyone more respectful, pleasant, professional, and so forth.