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What is boudoir photography

One of the most asked questions I get is “what is boudoir photography?”

Let me tell you all that I know about “what is boudoir” so you can decide for yourself if this is for you and how to go about it.



Boudoir Pronunciation: ˈbuːdwɑːr

To find its origin and define the word boudoir I reached to the French dictionary, it means “in the ladies bedroom” or “changing room”. According to Wikipedia, boudoir photos, sensual photos, can lend to intimate, provocative, sexy photography. Although taking sensual photos existed for ages, the term boudoir photography became widely popular in the last two decades and it has evolved greatly from other sensual, nude photos… Modern boudoir can be captured in very different styles, more to that below. 

To truly understand, and decide, if this seductive photo shoot called “boudoir photography” is for you or not, or even to learn how to choose the best boudoir photographer for your boudoir shoot. It’s important that you get yourself familiar with what is boudoir photography and how things work.

Reasons to do a boudoir photo shoot

When I decided to specialize and work as a Boston boudoir photographer I thought women would want to do a boudoir sensual session so they could feel and look sexy, and while this is true.

I also learned that we are all on a path. Some of us want to do this to celebrate ourselves (and we should) but some of us want to go through this experience so we can feel special. Or to connect with a part of yourself that has been sleeping or lost. I strongly believe every woman should have this makeover & beauty photo session at the very least once in a lifetime. 

Quite honestly, once you have your first session you will find “an excuse” to do it again and again.

Here are some of the reasons to do a boudoir session:


  • Recent Life Hardship: Recently divorced, Battling a disease or Cancer survivor
  • Build up self-esteem: For varied reasons
  • Life Milestone: Celebrating a birthday or Pregnancy
  • A big weight change: Lost or gained great amounts of weight
  • Putting yourself first for the first time: Busy moms or busy professionals that are always last to feel special
  • As a gift to someone special: Family, Wedding or Anniversary gift
  • Celebrate woman’s beauty and empowerment: Just because 

Is boudoir for models or skinny girls only?

Absolutely not! In fact, all of my clients are regular women like you and me. I have photographed teachers, lawyers, stay home moms. Women of all sorts of backgrounds and body types. Your weight and body measurements have absolutely nothing to do with if you should or shouldn’t do it. As a matter of fact, quite frequently my clients mention that they felt and looked like a model on their photographs despit the fact that they are a regular woman. Talk about self esteem booster!

You too should have your “day of being a model”! We deserve it!


Different Styles of boudoir photography

Once you google “Boudoir Photographer” or “Boudoir Photography near me” you will see a great selection of local boudoir photographers and every photographer has their own approach. Some are more classy and tastefully done and can be very daring and out there. You will find a wide range from provocative portraits all the way to erotica. No style is better than the other, it all depends on you and how you want to be capture.

Once you decide how daring you want to be, the next step is to find a great photographer that matches your final vision.

We are talking about photos of a woman showing lots of skin. So finding the best boudoir photographer is key. Someone that understands how to use lighting and posing to capture your best angles and maximize your look.

Start by looking through the galleries and ensure that you like the lighting, angles and style as the boudoir photos could look “cheap” or “trashy”. I guess showing more skin can lend to that, so the photographer style and experience with this type of work is extremely important. 

Our photography style

I have been photographing boudoir since 2009 and I have photographed women of all colors, body shape, ages and weight! Yes, I say weight because as a woman myself I completely understand the fear of dropping the clothes in front of the camera and being terrified of not measuring up to the unachievable standards that we set to ourselves.

I like to create images that are modern but also have a classic elegant flair, involving femininity and allure. Always paying attention to create beautiful art that is not vulgar, I strive to capture images more of a classy, fine art approach.

We have several examples throughout history of women being depicted naked: sculptures, paintings, and the ones that create a timeless appeal are of a fine art style, focusing on the feminine form, the curves, the bust to waist to hip ratio. No matter our measurements, we all have our femininity and using posing, light and some tricks, I’d love to capture yours.

With this in mind, I choose not to use props and sets extensively, my work is focused on the subjects form and body, facial expressions, which are fully coached during the session. No experience needed on your part.

While I have photographed some a variety of sensual styles, totally bare skin nudes, my style is aimed to be very classy while being provocative. I’d like to say more alluring than sexual. Visit my portfolio as a boudoir photographer here.


Should you choose a Female Boudoir Photographer

Obviously, some women will feel more at ease with a female boudoir photographer. Not that a male photographer wouldn’t do a great job. It’s just a matter of preference really. 

In our studio, I’m your lead female boudoir photographer and also the person that retouches your photos, meets with you for your viewing and ordering appointment. So we are a 100% female boudoir studio located in Massachusetts. You can read about Alice Pepplow on the about page.

What about your privacy?

I have worked with women of all sorts of personal and professional profiles, some are involved in very respectable positions in our community and choose not to have their photos display publicacly, keeping their photos private and not have them shown on our website or in any other way. This is very sacred and respected by us as we understand that some people just want to keep it for themselves.

It is very important to highlight that we only display images with written permission after you see your images and decide if you’d give us permission. This is your call!

Some of our clients graciously grant us this permission on some or all of their images, which is what you see on our portfolio or, occasionally, I run “model” calls to try new ideas of lighting, sets etc. None of my subjects (clients or “models”) are actually models. My work is focused 100% on the real women that are not slaves of the gym or on crazy diets to keep a perfect body. That is unrealistic!

What to expect for a boudoir session?

Are you convinced? Well, if you read this far, it means that you love the idea. Just to summarize:


  • Its for all women, we are all beautiful
  • No experience needed, sessions are fully coached and we guide you all the way
  • Challenge yourself to do something fun and outside of your comfort zone, that is the fun and unforgetable part of life
  • A new side of you will emerge, be prepare to see yourself on a new light
  • This experience will make you feel beautiful and empowered
  • You will have photos to remember this experience forever. Just imagine when you are 90 and looking at these! 


I also have a page where you can read more about a session experience with The Imagery Studio.


How much does it cost

As any type of service you can find cheap, better and best.

Cost will vary widely depending on the abilities and experience of the photographer as boudoir is a specialty, where they are located and also the quality of their final products.

You can see more information about our services, how much boudoir photography cost, albums and services on our website. With a very comfortable and private loft style studio, we are centrally located in Worcester MA, we serve many clients looking for a Boston boudoir photographer.

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I hope I answered many of your questions about “What is boudoir photography”. 

It is very normal to have many questions and even to feel a bit insecure if you have what it takes to do this. Most of our clients take advantage of our complimentary virtual consultation meeting. This way you can meet with Alice to see if you are a good fit, discuss options of clothing, see our studio  & wardrobe, look through our products and albums and answer any questions you may have. Please Contact Us to schedule your boudoir session or ask all your questions. I can’t wait to hear from you!