Massachusetts Boudoir & Glamour Photographer

What is boudoir photography

One of the most asked questions we get is “what is boudoir photography?”

Boudoir Pronunciation: ˈbuːdwɑːr

To define boudoir we reach to the French dictionary, it means “in the ladies bedroom” or “changing room”. So it lends to intimate photography, it can be lingerie photos or even nudes… photos very classy and tastefully done, sexy photography.

To truly understand and decide if the seductive boudoir photography is for you or not, or even to choose the right photographer for your boudoir shoot. It’s important that you get yourself familiar with what is boudoir photography and how things work.

Once you google “Boudoir Photographer” or “Boudoir Photography near me” you will see a great selection of local boudoir photographers and every photographer has a different style, some are more classy and some are daring. So it is very important that you look thru the galleries and ensure that you like the lighting, angles and style as the boudoir photos can look “cheap” or “trashy”. I guess the showing more skin can lend to that, so the style the photos are taken are very important. Also ask yourself why are you considering a boudoir photo shoot. Are this boudoir photos for your husband? Are these photos to celebrate yourself? Are you just looking to feel sexy? That is usually what help you choose the style in which you want to be photographed. While we have photographed some really sensual photos, totally bare skin nudes, Alice’s style is aimed to be very classy while being sensual… not really sexual.

Female Boudoir Photographer

Another very important aspect is who will photograph you. Obviously some woman prefer a female boudoir photographer. Not that a male photographer wouldn’t do a great job. It’s just a matter of preference really. In our studio, Alice is our lead photographer and also the person that retouches your photos, meet with you for your view and order appointment. So we are 100% female boudoir studio located in Massachusetts.

Your Privacy

Some of our clients prefer to keep their photos private and not have them displayed on our website or in any other way. This is very sacred to us as we understand that some people just want to keep it for themselves. It is very important to highlight that we only display images with written permission after you see your images. Some of our clients graciously give us this permission on some of their images, which is what you see on our portfolio.

I hope I covered well “What is boudoir photography”. It is very normal to have many questions and even to feel insecure. Most of our clients take advantage of our complimentary consultation meeting. This way you can meet with Alice to see if you are a good fit, discuss options of clothing, see our studio  & wardrobe, look thru our products and albums and answer any questions you may have. Please  Contact Us to schedule your boudoir session or ask questions.