Massachusetts Boudoir & Glamour Photographer

The Experience

I always believed that all women should have this makeover & beauty photo session at the very least once in a lifetime. Quite honestly, once you have your first session you will find “an excuse” to do it again. Every woman that do a beauty (boudoir or glamour) session do it for different reasons:

  • Recent Life Hardship: Recently divorced, Battling a disease or Cancer survivor
  • Build up self-esteem: For varied reasons
  • Life Milestone: Celebrating a birthday or Pregnancy
  • A big weight change: Lost or gained great amounts of weight
  • Putting yourself first for the first time: Busy moms or busy professionals that are always last to feel special
  • As a gift to someone special: Family, Wedding or Anniversary gift
  • Celebrate woman’s beauty and empowerment: Just because 😉

No matter the reason, when you hire me as your boudoir or glamour photographer, my ultimate goal is for you to look & feel beautiful, empowered and boost your self-esteem so you can see you for who you are. I want to take the best photograph of yourself. The whole process allows you to discover that you are amazing! We all are different and we all have flaws, which we focus on way too much… but not here… Here you should expect that we will focus on your qualities and your assets and help you do the same for yourself. It’s ok to be bold & brag here! We want for you to say: I love my legs, I love my eyes… I want for you to love yourself and not feel ashamed of admitting that you are beautiful!

There is nothing more beautiful on a woman than her confidence and self-acceptance. We will maximize this process for you and help you discover all the good things that you have going for you and celebrate it.

Boston MA boudoir photography

Our Photography Style


My photography style is to value and empower women! I see all women as a mix Feminine, Confident and Captivating!

To highlight these adjetives, I choose to create images that use minimum props/ sets highlighting the female for as art.


YES! You as ART!



Experience not needed!
I'll direct you as much as you as you need it with posing, body language and facial expressions. Come as you are, leave more confident!



Flattering Lighting!
Strategically position lighting that enhances your features to make you look your best. You as art, you will be proud of sharing the photos and experience.



Polished Retouching!
Retouching that finishes your favorite images. Cellulite, stretch marks, some skin blemishes? No problem! Natural looking retouching to make your image shine.

boudoir photographer in massachusetts


Take a peak inside and see what a session looks like

Boudoir Style Guide, how to prepare for a photo session

Exclusive Style Guide

Prepare for a Successful Session

After your book your session, you receive a Comprehensive Exclusive Style Guide that covers how to choose outfits, lingerie for different body types, beauty tips and everything that helps you prepare for a successful photo session… PLUS inspiration from past sessions so you can feel confident in creating your unique session.

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It is very normal that you don’t know where to start. I’ll help you all along the way: from choosing what to wear until your final product I’ll help you pull this photo session together. This is one of the great reasons to choose my studio, for the attention, planning and execution of amazing photographs. Reach out and I'll walk you thru all the steps... lets get your questions answered or tell me how you envision your photo session. The key is to START!


$200 SESSION FEE including :
- Up to 2 hours of shooting,
- 3 outfits recommended;
- Comprehensive/ Exclusive Style Guide to help you prepare;
- Pre-session consultation to help you plan outfits/ concept;
- Glass of champagne and indulging chocolate;
- View and ordering meeting after your session to help you select your photos and products.

Additional Hair and Makeup $150 paid to the stylist on the day of

{digitals, prints, albums are charged separately starting at $95}