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Self Image and Self Value


Have you thought about how your self image affects your self value therefore affecting many areas of your life?

When you feel you are not enough or that you are not there yet, you exude this energy of not being the whole complete you and this may affect how you interact with others in the world, in your relationships, your job. If I believe I’m “this much” you will only receive “this much” back. Then you might feel like what you have been receiving is not enough, you want more… maybe a more caring and considered partner, maybe you want a bigger salary, maybe you just want the feeling of the bright excitement in life. All of that is related to your self value.

Start thinking how you seeing yourself as less can reflect on all the aspects of your life. When we take time to do the work on loving ourselves more, all areas of our life will also improve because we are putting ourselves as worthy.

I know you are enough as you are, your value in the world is high, your value in your surrounds, in you inner circles are high, maybe you just to need to connect with that and convince yourself of it. Feel it inside and own it.

I’d love to work with you in a private portrait session to start this process of you seeing yourself, accepting yourself and also celebrating all parts of you as you are right now. We have many aspects of ourselves to be improved, you need to face them to do the job of any self improvement, and also we do have a lot to be celebrated too. In our portrait experience we will embrace all of that. Its a journey of self observation that will review to you and your inner/ outter beauty. If you feel compelled to talk more and explore what that process could be like I’m happy to chat with you. Give me call at 508-579-8080 or simply reach out thru the contact form