Massachusetts Boudoir & Glamour Photographer

Planning a Boudoir and Glamour Session

Good girl on deciding to move forward! Lets start planning a boudoir and glamour session!

Its very normal to feel insecure and anxious. You probably are feeling this way because you don’t know what to do next, don’t know what to wear or are afraid of the outcome. Well, let me assure you that is perfectly normal to feel that way. I’ll assist you along of the way so the outcome of your session will be above and beyond.

Once you book your session we will talk about what type of session (a boudoir, a glamour or a mix of both sessions) and talk how you dream to be photographed. You will receive an exclusive Style Guide which will talk about body types, types of outfits, what works best, where to get lingerie and glam gowns, beauty tips preparation from tanning to eyebrows. You will see that it will get a lot simpler once I got you covered! This is part of our consultation meeting that can be over the phone, Skype/ Facetime or in person here at the studio.

I prefer to do this 15 minutes consultation in person as this is a way for you to start getting comfortable with me. Most of the women that meets with me in the studio leave very confident and excited about the session with so many ideas and concepts. I can show you all the wardrobe that I have available in case you are interested in using one of my pieces. I’ll also show our exquisite high quality albums, folio boxes and wall art. My experience as boudoir and glamour photographer has been that the more we invest in the preparation phase the more successful your shoot will be.

Can you see how planning a boudoir and glamour session is already becoming so fun?!