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I am so much more

women body empowerment, body positivity

Thru our journey we have the tendency to believe that we are defined by our labels, by our limited perception, by our current condition but we are so much more than our limiting beliefs.

I’m so much more! You are so much more!

I’m beauty. I’m prosperity. I’m abundance. I’m health. I’m connection. I’m expansion. I’m the Creator’s full expression of light and dark. Dark cannot exist without light so I cannot be defined by darkness alone.

We have to remember that we are both light and dark and also remember that we can choose what we want to empower. It is a choice to give power, and make grow, what we want to have more in our lives.

I choose to be more, to expand on the direction of love. To receive love, to be love, to empower myself to be beyond my current beliefs. I choose to see the beauty in me, I choose to celebrate my health, the abundance in me and the abundance surrounding me. When we choose to receive more of what we are we will vibrate this energy and empower what will become reality. What we are experiencing right now is the result of our vibrations from yesterday, yesteryear. Don’t focus on that as that empowers more of the same. You have the opportunity to see yourself as much more. Right now, I choose the expansion to the higher, better and purest form of myself. I choose to see myself as more in all aspects of my life. I choose to open my mind to the unlimited love of the Creator so I can live daily the blessings and also be a blessing to others. When I honor you I also honor myself. I see you beautiful and expanded and that also reflects on me as a complete being. I ask you, as I ask myself, what else is possible that it hasn’t been considered?

Get curious! Simply ask: What else is possible? How can I be more? How can I be a blessing? Starting with myself. How can I honor and be a blessing to this being right here?

Our minds can be so conditioned to keep thinking we are our current condition, I challenge you to simply ask: What else is possible that I haven’t yet considered? Please show me how to accept, love and expand myself to live in beauty and unconditional love. So be it!