Massachusetts Boudoir & Glamour Photographer


In this FAQ you will find the most common questions while planning a photoshoot. Please don’t hesitate to ask if I have not covered your concern here. I’m always happy to help:

What is the cost of a session and products?
Most clients invest on average $1700 on a product. Some clients spend a bit less and some spend a bit more. It depends on your needs and budget. But be aware that I want you to fall in love with the experience and your images that you might want to buy everything. Here on this link, you can find out “how much does boudoir photography cost” at my studio. You can always contact me for a full price list too. I also welcome and encourage a scheduled 15 minutes consultation so you can see the studio, meet me in person, see the pieces available on my closet and touch and feel the products. Call me at 508-579-8080 or contact me here.

What payments do you accept?
We accept all major credit & debit cards, checks, and cash. I also offer a layaway style of financing, ask me more.

I’d love to give the photos as a gift for (Anniversary, Partner’s birthday, Wedding, Xmas, Valentine’s Day) next week. Can I get my photos done in time?
Although I suggest you leave as much lead time as possible to be photographed, choose your photos and allow for editing, design, and delivery of your product. I can turnaround your session very quickly if you’re prepared to pay a rush fee so we can prioritize your order. Some of my products can be turned around as soon as a week. Please inquire!

What is the turn around for product delivery?
A week after your session we will have your ordering and viewing appointment.
Once your order is placed expect the standard production times listed below:
Prints and Canvases take up to 4 weeks
Albums and Folios take up to 6 weeks
The digital smartphone app with your photos is available within 3 weeks if the order is paid in full at ordering. The phone app only includes your ordered photos.
I recommend that you book your session with an 8 week lead time to allow time for consultation, session, ordering appointment and production time. Please plan accordingly.
Rush orders are available at an additional fee.

I’m not comfortable with nudity, how to get around that?
Your comfort level should really dictate how your photoshoot will be. I can photograph implied nudity where the subject is posed strategically so nothing shows or is partially hidden by a bedsheet or fabric. That said, I don’t discriminate if you’re looking for something a little more revealing.

I normally look awkward on photos and I don’t know how to pose.
I hear this one a lot and most of my clients are not really natural in front of the camera. No need to be nervous at all. I’ll direct you through the session to accentuate the positive and bring the best out of you in a natural way. I will also coach you through facial expressions and body language. There is no need for any modeling experience at all.

I’m a big girl, curvy and voluptuous… can you pose me?
Size doesn’t really matter. Looking sensual has a lot more to do with confidence, the right attitude and accepting you as you are. So let’s start this process by embracing who you are, and love yourself and leave the posing to me. I photograph curvier ladies all the time and you will look amazing as you are.

I have cellulite, birth scar, other scars, stretch marks. Can you remove it?
Yes! This is part of my magazine style editing. All your images are fully retouched for printing.

I have tattoos and want them removed, can you do that?
It really depends and I’m happy to see your particular case during our consultation to give you a more definite answer. Some cases can be covered with makeup (fees may apply by the makeup artist). Some tattoos can be disguised with posing/ lighting and clothing/fabric. And some can be removed on photoshop (fees may apply depending on the complexity). In some case all the above options apply, let’s meet and see what you’d like.

I hate my (insert body part here)
We all have those areas we’d like to improve, and even models need retouching. I personally never met a woman that is completely happy with her weight. That’s to say, don’t worry. We won’t focus on those areas, with correct posing, lighting, and camera angle, we’ll truly accentuate your natural assets.

Can you make me look thinner or my breasts bigger?
A small nip and tuck is part of our standard magazine retouching. I really don’t believe in altering your body extensively. But if that is what you prefer, there is an additional charge for major work. Please inquire at your view and order meeting.

What sets do you have?
My style of photos is not really focused on sets. I consider my work very editorial, clean of props and stage sets, offering minimal distractions for timeless portraits. With that said, I do have a varied of old master canvases, modern seamless background papers, tuffet upholstered/ vintage tin/ damask pattern backgrounds used along with furniture for helping to pose, including modern chairs and antique couches. I also use the white sheet with a bed like feeling, silks, furs, pillows, sheer curtains, horizontal blinds, etc. Please refer to my portfolio to see the finish portraits.

How many looks can I do in a regular session?
A regular session (1.5 hours) includes up to 3 different looks. You can add more looks for $75each, which it will lead for you to see more images during your view and ordering appointment.

What should I bring for boudoir outfits and lingerie?
Sensual doesn’t mean naked or even lingerie. The rule is whatever makes you feel sexy, whatever you’re comfortable in, and whatever fits you best and best highlights your assets. Once you book I’ll send you a style guide that talks about what works best for each body type, beauty and preparation tips. I’ll also provide you a list of places where you can get lingerie online and locally to our area in MA. At a very minimum, you will need to bring a dark and light set of bra & panties as they are a great base to other pieces. Other ideas: your favorite skinny jeans, a form-fitting tee, a sweater with a very wide neckline, crop tops. I have a few pieces on varied sizes at the studio and you are welcome to use it for your shoot.

          • PLEASE NOTE:  For hygiene reasons, I do not provide panties or bras and you must bring your own. You can see my pieces if you do a consultation in person prior to your shoot. There are no extra fees for using my pieces and they are thoroughly washed between clients.

Will my photos be on your website and samples?
All photos that you see on the website, samples, and marketing materials are either with written consent from each client and never associated with the client’s name or where the face is unidentifiable (body part, cropped face out or silhouette images). I completely understand that some people prefer to keep them private and I respect your rights to privacy.

Can I bring someone to the session?
It depends. I do not allow males in as this is girl’s time to be silly, have fun and get great photos. I also discourage bringing a friend or another person, unless if its a glamour photo shoot with your sister, mom, daughter, etc. The presence of another person can be a distraction and also another set of eyes on you making you self-conscious. I especially do not allow the person to make any comments as it takes away from our focused posing, facial expression, body language guidance. A great part of the photoshoot is to enhance your confidence and feel gorgeous, if another person makes a negative, not encouraging comment or expression based on their sole opinion and perspective it will hinder the goal to get you feeling relaxed, empowered and achieving the results I know we can get thru my camera and post-production.

Do you photograph boudoir for man?
Not at this time. I specialize in female photography.


Haven’t found the answer in our FAQ? Not to worry, call me at 508-579-8080 or contact the studio and I’m happy to get all the information you need to plan the perfect boudoir and glamour photo session.