boudoir photography boston
Black and White Photo of a woman in lingerie by Best Boston Boudoir Photographer Alice Pepplow. The woman is silhouetted by dramatic lighting while touching her stockings
Massachusetts Boudoir & Glamour Photographer


When you start your search for the perfect boudoir photography in Boston and Worcester, you probably first start with this idea of a sensual photoshoot, this might get very nervous and your mind plays major tricks on you:

“Can I really do this?”

” Will I look silly? Am I a vain person?”

This is your fear speaking, trying to protect you from the unknown, so this is completely normal and expected. Fear is something that can protect you but also something can paralyze you.

But the answer is “YES!” you can, and should, do this! Loving and treating yourself to a self-discovery experience where you will look and feel beautiful is a wonderful thing and every woman should do this, at least, once in life.

We all have flaws, we all wish to lose a few lbs, but time can slip by so fast and you should learn how to treasure you as you are now.

I have been helping women of any body shape, color, and age to reconnect to their beauty and appreciate how beautiful they are. Every single one of them started nervous and insecure just like you might be feeling right now, but they loved every minute of it and, they wished they had done it sooner.

Since 2005 I chose to specialize in capturing the female form, I believe that, us women, are to be celebrated, tresured and empower. We finaly live in an era when we slowly finding our space. I’m a boudoir photographer because I strongly believe in the woman of today. That juggles a million things trying to transition of being what society expects from us to be what we want and can be. Its a complicaded world but I’m sure as woman you will understand. In my work I want to highlight you! Your form, your curves, the beautiful human being that you are, with flaws and all.

My studio is privately tucked on the second floor of a mill building making for a perfect location for Boudoir Photography in Massachusetts. I often have clients that travel here from Boston, Providence RI, and of course the Central Ma and Worcester Ma area. In any case, I’m happy to serve the community with boudoir photography Boston and Worcester.

Every of one of my clients has a different approach to what this experience means to them and how they want to go about it. The best thing is for us to chat thru a quick zoom video call and see if I’m the perfect fit to capture this experience for you.