Wayside Inn WeddingCaroline & Carter

On a very cold fall New England day, Caroline and Carter got married at the beautiful Saint Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church in Weston MA and it was a traditional Greek Orthodox wedding ceremony, just beautiful! Their intimate wedding reception happened at the most charming wedding venue for this time of the year. Their wedding dinner and party was held at the Wayside Inn in Sudbury MA. The bride put a lot of thought in the details and I particularly love that she wore her mother’s wedding dress. You will see their fall wedding decor was very cute and love with so much love. A perfect match for a Wayside Inn Wedding. Some of my favorite things were the antique wedding dress, the father of the groom’s antique car for the bride and groom transportation, the interior of this gorgeous Greek Orthodox church, the guests blowing bubbles at their exit, the fabulous wedding venue of the Longfellow Wayside Inn and off course, Caroline’s smile.


Here is how their story started, in Caroline’s words: “Carter and I met through mutual friends in 2001. When I first saw Cater I remember thinking… Who is that?? For me there was an instant attraction. I think Carter felt it also.” and about their engagement: “Carter took me to the lake by our house at sunset and brought me by the water and had me open a huge box, the box was filled with balloons. Carter was down on one knee asking me to marry him. I cried and hugged him and said yes.” Enjoy their wedding photos!


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List of their vendors for a Wayside Inn Wedding:

Greek Wedding Ceremony  – St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church

Wedding Venue – Longfellow Wayside Inn

Florist – The Frugal Flower

Bridal Shoes – Nordstrom

Bridal Gown – Her mother’s gown

Wedding Rings – The Jewelry Exchange

DJ – Greg Bedard

Wedding Photographer – The Imagery Studio