Shauna + Arin – Harrington Farm Wedding

Congratulations Shauna and Arin. We loved photoghing your love…. Here how they met on Shauna’s Words: “Arin doesn’t remember but we met freshmen year at Southeastern. But I remember driving in his car to our first freshmen dinner, being in the same interview with him for the same job and watching him dance on the football field to Justin Bieber while reffing powder puff. And that was about it until two years later when we became RAs for the brother-sister dorms Bauer and Bethany. And the rest is history… just kidding, we started working together a lot on dorm events and went on our first date at the beginning of October 2012. He picked me up behind my dorm wearing a cute purple plaid shirt. He was very romantic and knew I was missing the fall at home in Massachusetts and took me to a park to carve a pumpkin. We ended the night with a movie, animal crackers and ice cream. A perfect first date if you ask me. The following February we flew up to Massachusetts to surprise my mother for her birthday and that is when we both knew we loved each other and this thing was really going somewhere but no matter how bad we wanted to we didn’t say it. He chickened out at the end of March and then finally said how he felt at downtown disney while we were going dancing with friends. He was cute and nervous and eventually pulled me close and said, “What would you say if I said that I love you.” Those were his exact words. They kept us together as we endured three months apart for summer, while he was in Georgia and I was in Massachusetts. Once school started again it was like we had never been apart. There have been fights, laughs, and memories and now as we approach our wedding we can not wait to begin our life together and continue living our story.”

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