Royal Sonesta Hotel Boston MA Wedding Photography – Mike and Dori

It was such a perfect day to be photographing a wedding in Boston MA. This is the most easy going fun couple and I’m so honored to have captured their wedding photos.

Here is a little bit of their story not their own words.

“It was a Friday night, and Mike rang Dori’s doorbell…. and the rest is history:)
So I (Dori) hosted a dinner party with a girlfriend last spring. The goal was for singles to meet and maybe someone would actually get a date! We asked everyone to bring at least one single friend, hoping some nice single men would be invited. My friend Rachel invited two guy friends with her and Mike was able to attend.

After that night we all started spending a lot of time together in a group of friends, and it was less than 2 months before we were officially dating.”

Dori, when did you know he was the one? “Once we started dating, it was less than a week before I knew that we were going to get married. It was just so nice being around him- he was fun, funny, sweet and of course he is adorable. It was just a feeling I had inside that we would be together.”

And Mike, when did you know Dori was the one? “I knew that Dori was different the moment I met her. She welcomed me into her home during that fateful dinner party and I could tell that she was warm, driven and smart. I had told my friend that if she was willing to go on a date with me, this could be the one. It was a breath of fresh air when we started dating and we were both in sync on our priorities in life. I knew that these shared values and the fun we had together would last a lifetime.” Tell me about your proposal: “The romantic version is that Mike got down on one knee by a beautiful frozen lake in the Berkshires on New Years Day and asked Dori to spend the rest of her life with him and gave her the most beautiful ring she had ever seen:)

The more detailed version is that Mike asked Dori to go running with him on New Year’s Day when they were going to be in the Berkshires with friends. On New Year’s morning the alarm went off at 9:30 am and it was 18 degrees outside!! I (Dori) pretty much knew that he was going to propose on this “run” since I could not think of another good reason he would want to go on this little adventure! So I agreed to go and we dressed up in many layers and put on silly New Year’s eve party hats and went out for our run. It was a 1 mile walk straight uphill to a beautiful frozen lake. That’s were he did get down on one knee and told me that he loves me and would like to spend the rest of his life with me and asked me to marry him. I said yes!! Then I started shivering and we called our friends to come pick us up and celebrate with us!”

A list of their Boston Wedding Vendors:

Wedding Reception and Ceremony Hall –

Florist –

Wedding Catering and Cake –

Entertainment Band –

Hair – Streaks Hair Design, Beverly

Makeup- Jessica Peacock

Bridal Gown –

Bridal Gown Designer – Allure

Bridal Shoes – Angela Nuran

Bridesmaids Dresses – They get to pick whatever they want!

Wedding Rings – Barmakian

Videographer –

Wedding Photographer –

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