Kelli + Louis – Harrington Farm Wedding – Worcester Wedding Photographer

Enjoy their story on their own words: “In Middle School we took the bus together, he was a year older. When I sat down he popped his head around the seat and did a slow-mo wave saying “Hello my name is Louis”. I thought he was the goofiest kid ever. In high school we were in the same group of friends (he admitted 1 month ago that he had a crush on me then). After high school our friends went there own way. About 3-4 years later we were stuck in traffic and saw each other. That night he sent me a message, asking if I wanted to go apple picking for my birthday (in 2 days). When he came to pick me up I was instantly attracted to him. We had fun apple picking and making apple pie and maintained friends for 5-6 months (he was at my house almost every day). I was in college to be a teacher so he would help me to prep materials for my lessons. For about a week we were cutting out full sheet sized lady bugs for a math lesson. He had sores on his hands and hated me, lol. About a month later our friendship had fizzled (My Mom blames the Lady bugs). He went traveling for a few months, then we reconnected. He was leaving for another trip, so I told him I didn’t want to start dating until he got back. The night before he left ( I was wicked girly) and told him I wanted to be official. We stayed in contact as much as we could while he was backpacking through New Zealand. We have been together ever since and go apple picking every fall. He blames everything on his craving for apple pie. – Kelli’s favorite story-”

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Wedding Venue – Harrington Farm

Wedding Cake – Enchanted Wedding Cakes

Florist – The Flowering Ingvine

DJ – Greg Bedard

Hair and Makeup – Salon Serenity

Bridal Gown and Bridesmaids Dress- The Bridal Garden

Bridal Gown Designer – Casablanca

Bridal Shoes – Off Broadway

Wedding Rings/ Wedding Band – Hannoush

Wedding Photographer – The Imagery Studio